Here at Active Sport Group we specialise in many areas of the sports industry such as tailor-made tennis experiences, football tours and clinics, US college scholarships and performance analysis. We are very proud to offer our expertise in some of the best facilities around the world. We can cater for many types of clients such as tennis club's, football club's, groups, solo traveller's, teams, schools, universities, companies and organisations and even families.

Not only can we provide experiences & tours, but we offer outstanding advice and support for young people looking at gaining a scholarship to the USA! We run showcase's for both tennis and football players to show what great skill's and abilities they have on offer. With a personal first-hand experience of gaining a scholarship Active Sport Group directors have the perfect all-round experience and knowledge of what it is like and what it takes to gain a scholarship to the USA. Check out more information here.

Our co-founders are both sports professionals having been involved in the sports industry for over 20 years. Between our two co-founders they have experience in professional, semi-professional and amateur level playing and coaching. Having all this experience our co-founders know they have the ability and knowledge to offer all our clients an unforgettable experience they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

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Our Partners

YP Academy

'We are thrilled to be partnered with YP Academy! Joe and all the team are doing an amazing job with their players in supporting their develpemtn in football. This partnership is going to support their players further by giving them different opportunities in the game' - A joint comment from Active Sport Group directors Louis Connor and Dan Humpherson!


After speaking with Joe from YP Academy, Active Sport Group knew this is an opportunity not to be missed. YP are all about putting their players first and create many opportunities to help players fulfil their dreams, which is what we are all about at Active Sport. With our support we can provide all players from YP Academy a pathway into the USA with a scholarship, if sadly they do not make it to the professional stage. Not only can we provide their players with scholarship services, we can offer them additional services to help with their development such as performance analysis, player highlight videos and also international tours/camps.

"YP Academy are delighted to be in partnership with Active Sport Group who possess a reputation in helping footballers gain scholarships out in America. We wanted to create further opportunities for footballers. After speaking to Dan we knew this was a platform that truly cared about giving players the best direction and guidance possible in this field. We are fascinated by their attention to detail when it comes to player video analysis and data collecting that can really help provide valuable insight into a footballers potential and talent they have. This was something we lacked knowledge in and therefore with this partnership we believe both platforms can benefit one another in providing further opportunities for future generations of the game." - A statement from Joe Dixon of YP Academy.