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What are highlight clips?

Attempting to gain video clips of yourself playing sport is never easy, whether it be applying for a scholarship at elite level or just for your own personal use. Attempting to gain clips of you as an athlete at your peak is again difficult, adding this with the difficulty of having to collate, edit and upload your video with little to no experience is a big task. Well we can help you!

Our analysis team has vast experience in recording, editing and uploading highlight videos. Whether you as an individual have specified points within a recording you would like to be on the highlight tape or you would like our highly trained team of analysts to pick out best practice clips, we can provide you with a professional highlight video of the highest quality. Our team will produce the video to the length you specify and also add on all your personal attributes which coaches and universities often like to see.

When finished you will be provided with a copy of the highlight video. As well as this, the video will then be uploaded to one of the most used video sharing platforms Youtube via the Active Sport Group channel. By doing so this enables your highlight video to be seen by the coaches and universities you require, as well as an easy access tool for other sporting organisations.

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Our Packages

-  Highlight video to the length of your choice

-  Video uploaded to our YouTube page

-  Athlete detail page

-  Statistical breakdown of highlight video

Video Camera

* Please note, if you do not already have video footage, we can arrange for our camera person to attend matches to record footage for an additional fee of £30 per match.

If you would like us to produce a highlight video for you or you have any queries please contact our team today.

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