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Sports Performance Analysis

What is Sports Performance Analysis?

Sports performance analysis is an ever-growing discipline within elite level sport, often referred to as the plug between coaching and performing. Elite level teams/individuals will have a team of analysts, who record, code and report match play data.


By recording match footage analysts are then able to code match events using performance analysis software. This statistical data can then be used to generate match reports, using match footage too back up the data presented. Using these, coaches can then adapt training plans based on objective analytical data.

Will Sports Performance Analysis improve my team?

Performance analysis protocols allows for the decision making process to be based upon reliable and accurate statistical data. Therefore coaching decisions have a higher degree of accuracy then further resulting in a higher degree of success. You can focus on a variety of different areas such as behavioural, physical, technical or tactical analysis.

Sports performance analysis plays an important role in measuring, optimising and improving your teams performances. It allows for teams/individuals to set performance goals based on objective data, which can be measured on a match by match basis as well as over the course of a season.

Why use Sports Performance Analysis?

Without performance analysis teams/individuals are reliant solely on what the coach observes. Research suggests coaches accurately recall 59% of events within an average sporting performance. Through the use of performance analysis techniques coaches can recall match events with a much higher degree of accuracy. 

Reports produce a detailed evaluation of both home and away performances. Coaches can then use this objective data to highlight areas of strengths and weaknesses within there teams/individuals. This then allows areas such as squad selection and tactical decision making easier and more accurate, resulting in higher performance levels.

What Our Plan's Include:

We understand both teams and individual athletes can have different wants and needs when it comes to performance analysis. So with this in mind we have purposely designed our packages to be as flexible as possible to best suit each client. Here we have a brief overview of what we can provide within our packages:

  • Choose the length for the analysis service

  • Our analyst's can work with the coach to set out a plan

  • A detailed report delivered to the coach or team each week

  • A fixed price for the agreed period

  • All equipment will be provided such as video camera, tripod stand, analysis software, hard drive and more.

Video Camera

Our Packages



Why Choose Active Sport Group?

Active sport group provides an amazing and a truly unique performance analysis service. We can provide you as a team or an individual athlete with a flexible performance analysis plan to develop areas of weakness and to further excel areas of strength. We are unique in being able to offer performance analysis in multiple sports such as football (soccer) and tennis. Whether you are at an amateur, semi-pro or professional level and looking for extra support we have a team of analyst's who will put a detailed plan together, working closely with the coach to help achieve your performance goals!


At Active Sport Group we provide an elite sports performance programme at an affordable price for any level of sportsperson/sports team.

Due to the increase in technology margins of success within sport are forever getting smaller, therefore gaining even the slightest of advantage and setting yourself apart from the rest is key to success. Finding the right analyst within modern day sport can be difficult. However our Head of Performance Analysis has priceless experience within elite level sport from working within professional football clubs at both academy and first team level, to also working with professional tennis players on the ATP world tour! So rest assured you will have a team with a background of working in a professional environment to help you to achieve your goals.

To set up a performance analysis team within your organisation can be difficult and more importantly costly. Having to employ a full-time analyst and then also purchase the analysis software and equipment can make it out of reach of many teams or individual athletes looking to push onto the next level. Active Sport Group can provide you with an elite sports performance analysis service at a fraction of the price.

If you would like to speak to one of our team for more information or to book one of our analyst's please contact us.

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