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U.S College Scholarship's 

Do you dream of going over to the states, play the sport you love, play at some of the best facilities in the world, get treated like a pro, all whilst earning a degree at the same time? Well here at Active Sport Group we can help your dream become a reality! We have had first-hand experience of gaining a scholarship to the USA, so we have all the knowledge needed to help you live your American dream!

What is a Scholarship?

This is one of the first questions we suggest any athlete knows the answer too before starting this whole process. Scholarships are awarded to exceptional student-athletes, who demonstrate excellence in their sport as well as their academics. Scholarships provide a discount to tuition fees which are covered by the university and are driven on a percentage basis. Each university athletic department will have different budgets to work with when awarding scholarships, so therefore this will determine how much can be allocated to each student-athlete.

Scholarship amounts have a wide range and can vary from a full scholarship where the university will cover all fees, to a percentage scholarship where just a percentage of fees are covered by the university and the rest is to be covered by the student-athlete. Scholarships are also awarded on a year-by-year basis. Each year the coach will review every athlete, not only will this be based upon performance both on the playing field or court and academically, but also the athlete's attitude too. Therefore it is important you as an athlete consistently perform and work hard. 

Why Study in the USA?

We know leaving home and moving to the other side of the world can be a very scary thing to do at such a young age. We have listed a few reason from our experiences as to why it is one of the best life experiences you will get!

1). Experience Living Abroad

     You, as a person, will gain so many life experiences from this whole journey. America has arguably some of the greatest cities in the world with so many opportunities to take. There are thousands of universities in many of these great cities.

2). World Class Facilities

     America hosts some of the best college and university facilities in the world. Most universities play their matches inside stadiums which are filled in there 100's and sometimes 1000's with either local fans supporting or other students from around the university coming to support their college teams.

3). Earn a University Degree

     The best part we feel from a scholarship in general is you get to play the sport you live and breath for as well as completing a bachelors degree in the subject you choose at the end of the 4 years. We see it as a win win!

4). Build a Network

     Athlete's have the opportunity to build a network of people from all around the world which can lead to more opportunities and also have the chance to make new friends.

Previous Scholarship Athletes

Nenad Smiljanic

'Going to the U.S on a scholarship was a great combination of me being able to continue playing soccer at a high level as well as obtaining a degree!

From a young age I was playing for academies but at the age of 18 I wasn't offered a professional deal, so this was a great way for me to experience a different option.' 

Georgia State University
Jack Busby

Growing up as a successful junior tennis player in the UK and the realization that turning professional on the Men’s tour was out of reach. I decided to go to college in the USA.

Scholarship's are a great way to excel in your academics while playing the sport you love. The recourses at your disposable are second to none. Once you sign for a school they will treat you like you are a professional athlete.College sports for any athlete is something I highly recommend for any athlete. Four years earning a degree and competing with a team of people that will become like a second family to you, is one of the greatest experiences any athlete can experience! 

Cowley College, Kansas
Liam Haycock

'Going to the USA was the best decision I could have made! It was an incredible experience to be able to combine high level soccer and earn a degree at the same time. The friendships yo make with people from all over the world is something you will never forget. To top it off, in my second year we made the NCAA DII tourmanet which was he best feeling! I would certainly recommend any soccer enthusiast coming out of secondary school to go to America and experience this. It's a one in a life experience that will change your life forever!

University of Washington D.C.

How The Process Works

Free Consultation

The very first step on your scholarship journey is for us to arrange a call with the athlete, we advise one parent is with the athlete at the time of the call. We will ask a few questions about the athlete such as their ambitions, academic background, university location and course preferences. We will also give a brief overview of other costs involved in a scholarship. This is also the point where the athlete and parents/guardians can ask questions.

Commitment/SAT Test

Once we have established the U.S. scholarship is the correct route for the athlete, the athlete will then sign up to Active Sport Group network. This means the athlete will have access to our complete scholarship service.

We advise the athlete to begin revision and completion of the SAT test from this point on. Once the SAT test has been passed, this does not need to be re-taken.

Profile Creation

The athlete will now have access to the members area of our website. This profile will be able to be viewed by the athlete themselves and also all our network of hundreds of coaches in the U.S. will be able to view each athlete.

On the profile each athlete will be able to view/edit their details, view information about the SAT test and VISA process, information of additional costs such as insurance, view their video footage, access to our newsletters which includes lots of extra information on college sport, universities and more!

Video Footage

The athlete will need to have some video footage of them competing in their sport. This will be distributed to our network of coaches in the U.S. If the athlete does not have any edited footage, we can arrange for this to be done.


Athlete's should now start to receive scholarship offers from coaches in the U.S. This could be anytime from 6-10 months prior to starting university. The amount of scholarship offers will vary for each athlete depending on what the coaches are looking for.

VISA/Eligibility Forms

After committing to a university, now is the time to arrange for the visa and eligibility forms to be completed. To compete in NCAA or NAIA leagues the athlete will need to complete the eligibility forms.

Once accepted by your chosen university, the athlete will be able to apply for the F-1 student visa. We will be on hand to support the athlete and their family through this process as it can be confusing.

Support In The USA

Having been and done a scholarship in the U.S we know how daunting some athletes can find this journey. Which is why we feel it is important to continue our service for each athlete while in the states. We will still have communication with the athlete and their family while out in the U.S. to ensure they have settled in and also if the athlete has any problems.

Time For The USA!!

This is the best part, the athlete should now look to arrange their flight out to the U.S. and head out on a journey of a lifetime!

We will still have communication with the athlete and their family while out in the U.S. to ensure they have settled in and also if the athlete has any problems.

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