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With a life changing experience you can unlock your potential through a sporting scholarship at one of americas most prestigious universities


Our staff have been through the scholarship process so have all the knowledge needed to ensure you are fully prepared for you time in the U.S!

Study in the U.S

Having the opportunity to play at a high standard whilst earning your all important bachelors degree of your choice.

There for you

We look after our athletes from start to finish. Any queries before going out and also whilst over in the states we are there for you.

What is a scholarship

What is a Scholarship?

This is one of the first questions we suggest any athlete knows the answer too before starting this whole process. Scholarships are awarded to exceptional student-athletes, who demonstrate excellence in their sport as well as their academics. Scholarships provide a discount to tuition fees which are covered by the university and are driven on a percentage basis. Each university athletic department will have different budgets to work with when awarding scholarships, so therefore this will determine how much can be allocated to each student-athlete.

Scholarship amounts have a wide range and can vary from a full scholarship where the university will cover all fees, to a percentage scholarship where just a percentage of fees are covered by the university and the rest is to be covered by the student-athlete. Scholarships are also awarded on a year-by-year basis. Each year the coach will review every athlete, not only will this be based upon performance both on the playing field or court and academically, but also the athlete's attitude too. Therefore it is important you as an athlete consistently perform and work hard.