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Active sport


Supporting athletes to achieve their full potential

Welcome to Active Sport Group

Active Sport Group is an emerging sports-based business which covers a variety of areas within the sports industry. We specialise in U.S. college scholarship services, football and tennis tours, team and individual performance analysis and also offer personal highlight videos. 

US College Scholarships

U.S. College Scholarships

Football Tours

Football tours

Tennis Tours and Tennis Holidays


Sports Performance Analysis

Performance analysis

Personal Highlight Videos

highlight videos

US Scholarship Showcases

Upcoming events

Let your skills do the talking by showcasing your ability and reach your potential

ID Showcase Days - How They Work

Our ID showcase days are open to players nationwide who are looking to become student-athletes. College coaches will be in attendance or watching via our live streaming service.

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Book a trial place online

Attend ID showcase event

Get scouted by a US college coach and begin your scholarship journey!

Soccer ID Showcase Days:

Soccer Practices

Men's Soccer Showcase - 2022 TBC

Image by Jeffrey F Lin

Women's Soccer Showcase - TBC

Tennis ID Showcase Days:

Image by Braden Egli

Men's Tennis Showcase - TBC

Tennis Player

Women's Tennis Showcase - TBC

What our clients say about us

Arjun Bala

"I loved the tennis trip to La Manga Club.

would definitely go again. I really enjoyed playing with different coaches and players, loved playing on the clay courts!" 

Tillmann Willett

"The tennis academy is really good with the coaching sessions being very high intensity

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